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With Delta Built Environment Consultants (Delta BEC) being re-certified as a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) contributor and eight of the other companies in the group achieving Level 1 B-BBEE status for the first time, the DELTA Group now has a total of nine companies that have achieved this rating.

Delta BEC—our group’s 52% black-owned multi-disciplinary consulting company—was recently re-awarded Level 1 BEE status by B-BBEE Verification Agency CC.

After achieving a total of 102.85 out of a target score of 106 in the assessment, eight of our subsidiaries also achieved Level 1 B-BBEE status with the re-certification of Delta BEC. We obtained scores of 24.00 for ownership and 11.59 for management control. Moreover, we achieved actual scores of 33.21 for skills development, 28.05 for preferential procurement and supplier development, and 6.00 for socio-economic development, surpassing the target score for each of these elements. As a result, the following companies belonging to the DELTA Group were awarded Level 1 BEE status for the first time and recognised for their contribution to economic transformation in South Africa:

  • Delta Café
  • Delta Cleaning and Hygiene
  • Delta IT Services
  • Delta Landscaping Services
  • Delta Waste Management
  • D-Con
  • Delta Facilities Management
  • Delta Infrastructure Solutions.

We will continue to maintain our commitment to transformation and empowering the historically disadvantaged in South Africa following the successful Level 1 BEE certification of the aforementioned companies and re-certification of Delta BEC as we aim to have more of our companies certified.