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Delta Dawn is an urban greenhouse located in Menlo Park, Pretoria. We grow a variety of organic leafy greens using aeroponic farming and vertical farming techniques and supply the public and local businesses in and around Gauteng with fresh produce. Delta Dawn was started in 2015 when we built our first urban greenhouse in Menlo Park. Our aim in starting the company was to contribute to the sustainable farming movement by using innovative growing techniques, the most notable of which is our aeroponic growing system. We produce a variety of organic, leafy greens, including lettuce, herbs and micro-greens through vertical farming techniques.

We are also the proud owner of a successful worm farm, which allows us to produce sustainable fertiliser by reducing our waste as well as that of participating restaurants and greengrocers. Through the process of vermicomposting, we produce organic, nutrient-rich products such as vermi-leachate, worm tea and worm castings.


We offer a variety of fresh leafy greens, including mixed greens, micro
greens and herbs, as well as nutrient-rich fertilisers such as vermi-leachate, worm tea and worm castings:

Organic Lettuce

Micro Herbs

Worm Tea

Organic Herbs


The DELTA Group comprises 18 vertically integrated companies: