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At Delta Solar Solutions, we are dedicated to offering the most advanced and sustainable solar solutions to customers throughout South Africa. Our commitment is to help individuals make informed decisions about solar energy, focusing on providing the best options to fit their lifestyle and budget rather than prioritising quick profits. We guarantee we won’t pitch expensive off-grid solutions as the only answer to your load shedding problems. In fact, for many households and small businesses, a smaller grid-tied solar system is often a more practical and financially feasible option. Apart from being cost-effective, connecting to the grid provides additional benefits, such as acting as a backup during overcast days or insufficient solar power.

We recognise the paramount importance of delivering quality and affordable solar solutions while ensuring the safety of our customers. Unlike choosing a provider based solely on the cheapest quote, opting for cheaper solutions can put you at risk of system failures and potential safety hazards. That’s why, at Delta Solar Solutions, we prioritise the use of reputable products and employ skilled installers to avoid any potential failures and mitigate safety risks. We proudly endorse Tier-1 solar panel brands that come with structural manufacturer’s warranties of at least 12 years. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable and durable solar system that will meet your energy needs for years.


The DELTA Group comprises 18 vertically integrated companies: